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Color Meditation Painting Workshop

*Winter 2020

Five Elements. Five Senses. Five Classes.
An Intuitive Painting Process.

Mondays: January 6 - February 3 

5:30p.m.- 8:30p.m.

All Levels. No experience necessary

All materials included.

FEE: $395


Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Space.

Loretta Fine Art Studio is offering her annual Color Meditation Painting Class that explores the characteristics of nature's elements and our five senses with color symbolism, expressing the essence of nature through an intuitive approach to painting. 


Students will explore color by creating beautiful textures and transparencies through guided non-representational paintings, using natural mineral and earth pigments with expressive brushstrokes and fluid watercolor techniques.  


An informative class in a calm, relaxing environment for all levels.

Learn about color through  process. 


Loretta Domaszewski is a professional contemporary artist exhibiting and teaching all ages and levels, locally and nationally for over 35 years. Her passion is to be active, explore nature, create art, and encourage self-discovery through artistic expression. 

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