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As a contemporary artist I create visual poetry and the beauty of the land. The spirit of place is my inspiration for a deeper, psychological interpretation of the journey, the personal quest.


I search the essence of the natural environment. I become sensitive to its surroundings. Nature speaks: I savor the scents, sounds, colors and movement. I respond, interpret, transcend. I am touched by it’s life!  It is life’s energy I wish to express.


I am energized by the changing elements in nature; movement of flowing water patterns, cloud formations, and the play of light. My paintings draw you in, as to explore the intimacy of the illuminated pathway or of nature’s expansive earth and sky.


Daily hiking or biking on nature trails in the west, combing coastal beaches and exploring water ways inspire ame to paint abstracted elements of nature. I am pleased when a viewer sees one my paintings and senses that they have been there before, evoking their own personal experiences and memories.


Painting en plein air, alla prima, or in the studio, I concentrate on the act of painting; meditating, visualizing, creating expressive fluid gestures with bold saturated color and rich texture made from natural earth and mineral pigments. I lay down a thick expressive palette knife relief, adding layers of color transparencies with subtle blending transitions, and bold sweeping brush strokes. Rags and combs wipe and scrape the painted surface, revealing vibrantly painted under tones. 


Through my expression of art I encourage the viewer to experience the power, spirit, and beauty of nature. 

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