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A Wonderful Gift for Yourself.

It is about Process, Inspiration, and Expression.

No Expectations. No Judgement. No Fear.

Painting is a Journey, Not a Destination.


Special Paper. Acrylic Paint. Brushes. Non-traditional Painting Tools included.

All Levels. No prior experience necessary.

*Register on line with cash, Venmo, check, or credit card. 

I am excited to offer this Intuitive Process Painting Workshop.

No Experience is necessary. Come with an open mind and heart.

Realist painters, abstract painters, ex-childhood finger painting painters, want-to-be painters, non-painters, never-painters. 

This Intuitive Painting Workshop is about each individual's personal journey and creative process while experimenting with paint, color, texture, movement, using traditional and non-traditional materials and tools. You will not be instructed about technique...You will create your own technique. 

If you can hold a brush and pick a color of paint, put it on a prepared got it!

Make images, make no images, explore with the paint in many unexpected ways.

The experience can be a tool to find inner expression and allow oneself to let go , become free from preconceived ideas or expectations, a time to slow down and explore the creative side of ourselves with a non-judgmental approach. 

The goal is to Just Paint with a sense of freedom.


We will start with a simple guided meditation that will allow the mind and body to relax into a creative place. You'll be taken on a journey of feeling more calm and open to start your day of playing with paint, color, movement, and texture.


One may approach a painting to find inner expression and allow oneself to to let go, be free from preconceived ideas or expectations.  Be inspired.

One may have an image in mind or no image...playing with gesture and mark making as a dance or taking a trip on a journey of sorts to an unknown place in yourself and on the painted surface.  The possibilities are endless. 

Allow yourself the opportunity to explore, grow, change...and have fun.

You may find new and exciting parts of yourself you never knew existed.

My Experience:

I personally allowed myself to get away from any imagery, and approached my painting with no concept or ideas like I had in my younger years. 

I just started to make marks..and watched where it took me.  The

painting began to evolve and at that point I was able to trust in myself and just  go with it, it depth, atmosphere, grounding, images, or nothing!

Come join in a rewarding experience for just a calm, relaxing, safe environment. 

Please contact me for more information, questions, or concerns.

Be Active. Explore Nature. Create Art.

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