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Drawing Nature Outside

*Flowers in the Landscape

A Perfect Class for Beginners and Returning Artists.

Saturday: August 1

9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.

Fee:  $75.  

Drop in fee:  $75. 

Workshop Description:

A solid foundation in drawing is key to a successful Painting.

This workshop covers essential art elements and drawing techniques, 

building a base for strong compositions for all levels.


Learn new ways to use line, shape, value, form, and texture.. 

  • Develop drawings with depth space, and atmosphere.

  • Create with bold expression.

  • Build confidence.

  • Explore your personal style.

  • Learn to draw with movement, rhythm, variety, and harmony.  

  • A class packed with information and fun, relaxed environment so you are inspired to keep drawing on your own.

  • One on one guidance.

  • Group critiques.

It is above and beyond what I expected when I signed up for my first class with you."
- Patti S.

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