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Drawing II

A Great Class for Intermediate or Advanced Artists.

Tuesdays: February 4 - February 25 

Evening Class.
5:30p.m. to 8:30p.m.

4 Week Class Fee:  $295.  

Drop in fee:  $75.

Double Discount: 

Sign up with one friend for a $25. discount each. 

*Register on line with cash, venmo, check, or credit card info. 

Drawing materials included. 

Class Description:

This four week class covers essential art elements developing self-expression  through experimental drawing materials, techniques, an concepts.


Learn new ways to use line, shape, value, form, texture, and color. 

An Expressive Approach to brushing up on drawing basic art elements, focusing on principles of art for successful art making. Exploring and finding your personal intention and visual story.​

Composition, balance, contrast, dominance, emphasis, movement, repetition, rhythm, subordination, variation, and unity. 

  • Develop drawings with depth space, linear and atmospheric perspective.

  • Create with bold expression.

  • Build confidence.

  • Explore your personal style.

  • Learn to draw with movement, rhythm, variety, and harmony.  

  • A class packed with information and fun, relaxed environment so you are inspired to keep drawing and experimenting on your own.

  • Collage with drawing and water based painting.

  • One clothed life-drawing session.

  • One on one guidance.

  • Group critiques.

"I have truly enjoyed your classes, and your own work is so beautiful and inspiring!  The critiquing sessions were invaluable, where I learned so much, both from you and other students."     Susan B.


It is above and beyond what I expected when I signed up for my first class with you."
- Patti S.

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