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Landscape Painting II

Two Individual 4 Week Sessions


Wednesdays: February 5 - February 26

Evening Class. 

5:30p.m. to 8:30p.m.

All medium welcome.

Fee:  $295.  

Drop in fee:  $75.

*Register on line with cash, Venmo, check, or credit card. 

$40. Discount:  Sign up for both Painting I and Painting II. 

Painting material list available upon registration.


A four week class for students with experience in painting who are looking for a more one on one experience through their process. Demonstrations, Discussion, Problem Solving, Design. Individual, plus Group Guidance and Critiques, Expression, Mood, Emphasis on Warm and Cool Color, Color Mixing and Technique. Focus on individual needs and concerns.

Paintings produced in class and works in progress.

 Painting material list available upon registration.

A solid foundation in drawing is key to a successful Landscape Painting.

This five week class covers essential art elements, principles of art, and painting techniques, building a base for strong compositions.


Learn new ways to use line, shape, value, form, texture, and color. 

  • Develop paintings with depth space, linear and atmospheric perspective.

  • Create with bold expression.

  • Build confidence.

  • Explore your personal style.

  • Learn to paint like you draw with movement, rhythm, variety, and harmony.  

  • A class packed with information and fun, relaxed environment so you are inspired to keep drawing and painting on your own.

  • One on one guidance.

  • Group critiques.

"I have truly enjoyed your classes, and your own work is so beautiful and inspiring!  The critiquing sessions were invaluable, where I learned so much, both from you and other students.  Changing to acrylics has been really challenging for me as well as learning how to compose directly onto the canvas.  I'm doing a lot of practice now,  learning how to load my brush, block in my composition, and mixing colors."     Susan B.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge".  - Albert Einstein

"And as your student, this is my experience learning from you". - Patti S.

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